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Cryptocurrency Mining and Tax Collection in India: What You Need to Know

Fri May 26 2023

As the value and selection of cryptocurrencies, interest in cryptocurrency mining is growing worldwide. This article will explore whether crypto mining is legal in India. And shed light on the related tax collection controls.

Is Crypto Mining Legal in India?

The legality of cryptocurrency mining in India could be complex, whereas the Indian government has communicated concerns about cryptocurrency risks.

In 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued circular disallowing banks and financial institutions from managing cryptocurrencies—this circular created uncertainty within the crypto industry, counting mining operations.

Be that as it may, in March 2020, the Supreme Court of India struck down the RBI circular, expressing that it was unlawful. This choice brought help to the crypto community and gave a boost to free crypto mining exercises within the country. Since then, the government has considered a regulatory system to monitor and oversee cryptocurrency exchanges, including mining.

It is important to note that whereas mining itself isn't explicitly illegal, the status of cryptocurrencies in India remains uncertain. Hence, miners must stay upgraded on the most recent regulations and consult legal experts to ensure compliance.

Tax Collection of Crypto Mining in India

Regarding tax collection, the Indian government has begun taking steps to bring cryptocurrency exchanges under the purview of tax collection. In 2018, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) clarified that benefits earned from cryptocurrency exchange are subject to income tax. It suggests that income created from crypto mining is additionally taxable.

A 30% tax will be levied on gross profits at a subsequent sale of mining awards. The gross profit will be sale proceeds less cost price. The cost price will be considered as FMV of mining rewards/income on the date of receipt.

The tax collection of crypto mining falls under the "income from other sources." Miners are required to report their mining pay in their yearly income tax returns. The income tax is calculated based on the esteem of the mined cryptocurrencies at the time of their securing.

It is essential to maintain legitimate records of mining activities, counting the taken toll of mining equipment, electricity bills and any other mining-related costs. These records will be fundamental for calculating the taxable income precisely and illustrating the authenticity of the mining operation to tax authorities.

It's worth noting that tax controls encompassing cryptocurrencies in India are still advancing and there may be further changes and clarifications. Hence, it is prudent for crypto miners to look for professional tax advice to guarantee compliance with the most recent regulations and reporting necessities.

Impact of Crypto Cloud Mining and Free Crypto Mining

Crypto cloud mining, where people or companies lease mining equipment remotely, has been popular for a long time. It raises questions concerning the tax collection of cloud mining administrations in India. Since cloud mining involves a contractual agreement between the miner and the cloud mining benefit supplier, the income created from crypto cloud mining will likely be treated as trade pay and subject to appropriate taxes.

Without charge crypto mining, where people get cryptocurrencies as compensation for taking an interest in specific exercises or platforms, the tax suggestions can be more complex. The value of the obtained cryptocurrencies would be decided during procurement, and charges would be appropriate accordingly.

Crypto Mining Software

Crypto mining software, known as mining clients or miners, is outlined to solve complex mathematical issues that approve and secure transactions on the blockchain arrangement. It is responsible for planning communication between the miner's equipment, the mining pool (if applicable), and the blockchain organisation.


Cryptocurrency mining in India works in a legal grey region, with the government providing clear directions, particularly tending to mine activities. Whereas the Preeminent Court's decision in 2020 brought help to the crypto community, diggers need to remain educated on almost the most recent improvements and consult legal experts to ensure compliance with existing and future directions.

Regarding tax assessment, free crypto mining pay is subject to income tax and should be detailed similarly. Therefore, keeping meticulous records of mining exercises and expenses is significant for calculating assessable wages and demonstrating compliance to assess authorities precisely.

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