TaxNodes Referral Bonanza: Start Earning Rewards Today
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TaxNodes Referral Bonanza: Start Earning Rewards Today

Fri Jul 21 2023

TaxNodes Referral Bonanza: Start Earning Rewards Today

We at TaxNodes, the leading tax advisory platform, are excited to announce the launch of our improved new referral program. Now, you have the opportunity to earn amazing rewards simply by spreading the word about our services to your friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you're a seasoned Tax filer or just starting, this referral program is designed to reward both referrers and referees with exclusive benefits.

Referrer Benefits

As a referrer, you play a crucial role in helping us reach new users and expand our community. We appreciate your support, which is why we're offering enticing rewards for each successful referral you make. Here's a breakdown of the benefits you can expect:

  • 1st Referral: You will receive up to 5% of the Referee's chosen plan as cashback. 
  • 2nd Referral: Enjoy up to a generous 15% cashback on the Referee's chosen plan. 
  • 3rd Referral: Get up to a substantial 30% cashback on the Referee's chosen plan.
  • 4th Referral: Receive up to a whopping 50% cashback on the Referee's chosen plan.
  • 5th Referral: Celebrate your fifth successful referral with up to 100% cashback on the Referee's chosen plan.

Referee Benefits

We value each new user who joins TaxNodes through a referral. As a referee, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Get up to 50% off or Flat INR 200 discount on any chosen plan. This discount applies to the plan you select when signing up, ensuring you start saving on your tax advisory needs right from the beginning.

How the Program Works

Getting started with the TaxNodes referral program is quick and easy. Follow these steps to begin earning rewards:

  1. Sign in to your TaxNodes account or sign up if you're not already a user.
  2. Locate the referral program section in your account dashboard.
  3. When someone signs up using your referral link or code and chooses a plan, they become your referee.
  4. As soon as your referee completes the payment for their chosen plan, you will start earning the corresponding cashback percentage based on the referral tier achieved.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Cashback rewards are processed within 7 business days of the referee's successful payment.
  2. Referees must use the referral link or code provided by the referrer during the signup process for the referrer to receive the benefits.
  3. The Referral rewards are only available to all above 18+.
  4. Referees are only eligible for the given discount on any chosen plan only if they sign up using a valid referral link or code.
  5. The referral program is subject to change or termination at TaxNodes' discretion.
  6. After a Referee has purchased a plan via referral code. If the Referee wishes for a refund, The Referee will no longer be considered the Referee of the Referrer.
  7. TaxNodes reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any referrals that are considered manipulated.
  8. TaxNodes will not be held responsible for lost, misdirected, late, or incomplete entries or inaccurate information.
  9. Any technical malfunction, failure, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, cameras, computers or providers utilised in any aspect of the operation of the program.
  10. By entering this referral program, you will not be eligible to receive prizes in any other contest hosted by TaxNodes unless you enter into that contest/program separately.
    By participating in the referral program, referrers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.
  11. Referrer’s Cashback of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th referral is limited to a maximum amount of ₹75, ₹225, ₹450, ₹750, and ₹1500, respectively.
  12. Any personal information you provide will be subject to the privacy policy of TaxNodes.

Final Thoughts

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn rewards while helping others discover the convenience and expertise of TaxNodes. Start referring today and unlock exclusive benefits for both you and your referees. Thank you for being a part of the TaxNodes community, and happy referring!

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