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Are Cryptocurrencies taxable?
Cryptocurrencies fall under the definition of Virtual Digital Assets as per the Finance Bill 2022. Income or Profits generated from the Sale of Cryptos are taxable at a Flat rate of 30% without exception

Is TaxNodes involved in the buying or selling of cryptocurrencies?
No, TaxNodes is not involved in the buying or selling of cryptocurrencies. We are solely a tax computation and filing platform.

Are there any laws or regulations that TaxNodes violates by providing tax computation services for cryptocurrency transactions?
We understand that there may be concerns related to the nature of our business, however, we want to assure our users and payment gateway providers that TaxNodes is a legitimate tax computation and filing platform.

How is Crypto Tax Calculated in India?
The income tax rate is applicable to anyone transferring crypto assets in a given financial year. Flat 30% tax rate will be levied on any profits made from the transfer of virtual assets. The 30% crypto tax rate will be the same irrespective of the nature of transaction or type of income i.e. investment income or business income.

Is Crypto received as a gift taxable?
Recipients of a VDA gift - including an NFT - are liable to pay tax on the value of their gift, at a flat rate of 30%. However, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule; example, if the gift amount is under Rs. 50,000 (in a single financial year, not per gift), then this would be tax free. Also, Gifts received from parents or from siblings and so on are exempted from tax. Similarly, gifts received as a wedding gift or via a will or inheritance are also exempted from Income Tax - irrespective of the amount.

How much TDS is deducted on crypto?
As per the revised Income Tax Regulations, 1% TDS will be deducted on all sell transactions of the crypto assets. Also, this TDS will be deducted on the final sale amount, irrespective of profit or loss

My crypto portfolio has gone up in value. Do I have to pay taxes?
If your portfolio value has gone up but you are still HODLing it, you don't have to pay any taxes. Tax has to be paid when you sell or trade crypto